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AMI is a specialized provider of top of the line insurance policies that cover your vehicle’s glass such as windows, sunroof or windshield. This specific type of coverage is often left off traditional vehicle insurance in an effort to cut down costs. AMI policies are special though, as they are not connected to the core vehicle coverage and do not impact it at all. With little restriction on the frequency of claims and the type of glass covered, not to mention low deductibles– AMI is autoglass insurance that you can actually use without fear of future consequences or hidden costs.

AMI Autoglass Insurance is partnered with only the most qualified independent brokers and trusted glass shops or service providers. If you are unsure what is covered under an autoglass policy, consult our brief summary guide below:

  • Covered: Damaged glass from most peril (except by collision with “another object” or upset) as well as damage caused by intentional mischief, hail, wind gusts, theft or attempted theft, fire, falling debris and gravel.
  • Not covered: Damage to custom work, decals, etching, aftermarket tint, lights or mirrors as well as any damage from a collision with objects on the ground, the ground itself, a towed vehicle or other specific objects.

For a full rundown of what is and what is not covered with an AMI policy, contact or visit a broker today! Glass is easy to overlook because it is working best when we do not notice it. Do not let your budget be surprised by unforeseen glass damage, enjoy the carefree lifestyle of someone insured with AMI Autoglass Insurance today!

AMI’s corporate website: AMI Alberta.

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