Many of us call moving to a condo as downsizing or downgrading, when it often means you are moving up in the world. No matter the circumstances of the change, there are many positive changes you can embrace in your new living space. Beware: notifying your insurer with a change of address is not enough!… Read More

Whether you are retiring, working from home or just looking to escape, there has never been more options for Albertans to get away during the colder months. While this glamorous life may seem more attainable than ever, it is still important to consider your home and its insurance policy before you leave. Are you a… Read More


When summer hits, Albertans love to explore the outdoors in any way they can, especially with recreational or leisure vehicles on two wheels to dozens (or even none at all). The colder months are no exception! Canada is one of the preeminent destinations for winter motorsports in all of the world. While these “toys” are… Read More


There are no shortage of reasons for why you might avoid hiring someone to clean your property, cost being the most prominent. Once you have reached a point where you need or can afford professional cleaning, you may feel the urge to jump in without much research. Unfortunately this is where most property owners step… Read More


We all know our car insurance rates can be affected by our age but what about home insurance? Sure enough, insurance companies of all sizes trust the data that says older people are cheaper to insure relative to younger property owners. Read our summary below and then contact Capital Insurance today to discover discounts for… Read More


Whether you are a first-time buyer with a taste for character or an experienced homebuyer looking for nostalgia, there is always a market for older homes and properties. While there are many imitators, there is no substitute for the classic stylings of a well-preserved, vintage home design. Though below the surface, there may be problems–… Read More


Most of us know that there is a legal responsibility to insure your vehicle and that often lenders will require you to insure a property under mortgage. Most prudent homeowners invest in some form of insurance as well, but they may not always know what is covered. Being unfamiliar with your policy may create a… Read More


Insurance is put in place to protect you if the worst happens, though most insured people never want to use their policies. Unfortunately losses will occur and you may have to file a formal claim with your insurance company. This can be overwhelming, especially if you are dealing with the real life consequences of whatever… Read More

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Buying an older home has a number of benefits. Location, price, character and lot size are just a few of the reasons why people may opt for an older home. However, character homes also have their drawbacks. Many homeowners who purchase older homes can get stuck with high repair costs, hidden issues and sometimes even… Read More