Whether you are a first-time buyer with a taste for character or an experienced homebuyer looking for nostalgia, there is always a market for older homes and properties. While there are many imitators, there is no substitute for the classic stylings of a well-preserved, vintage home design. Though below the surface, there may be problems–… Read More


Most of us know that there is a legal responsibility to insure your vehicle and that often lenders will require you to insure a property under mortgage. Most prudent homeowners invest in some form of insurance as well, but they may not always know what is covered. Being unfamiliar with your policy may create a… Read More


Insurance is put in place to protect you if the worst happens, though most insured people never want to use their policies. Unfortunately losses will occur and you may have to file a formal claim with your insurance company. This can be overwhelming, especially if you are dealing with the real life consequences of whatever… Read More

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Buying an older home has a number of benefits. Location, price, character and lot size are just a few of the reasons why people may opt for an older home. However, character homes also have their drawbacks. Many homeowners who purchase older homes can get stuck with high repair costs, hidden issues and sometimes even… Read More

old vehicle insurance

Owning and driving an older vehicle definitely has its benefits, from knowing its unique quirks to cost savings if the vehicle is paid off. When it comes to auto insurance, an older vehicle will have some different insurance needs than a brand new ride. Read on to learn what makes insuring an older vehicle unique,… Read More

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There are many different ways to buy insurance these days. Many people are now choosing to purchase insurance directly from an insurer, because they think “cutting out the middleman” (a.k.a a broker) is the way to go. Capital is here to tell you why that’s not always the case! Read on to learn what insurance… Read More

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Alberta is a beautiful and vast province; from the prairies to the rocky mountains, we’re lucky to live in such a picturesque place. While being landlocked keeps us from having to deal with disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis, we are not exempt from other dangerous events. Read on as Capital highlights a few things… Read More

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The laws around auto insurance are simple, you need to have it to legally drive on the road. Home insurance isn’t quite so black and white. There are technically no laws mandating that you must have homeowner’s insurance. While it might feel good not to have that insurance bill pop up each month, there are… Read More

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Most people are familiar with the common coverages of motorcycle insurance – liability, collision, etc. But there are other coverages you can add to your motorcycle policy to customize it to your needs. Read on to learn about four coverage options you may want to consider adding to your policy this summer! 1. Accessories Coverage… Read More