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From modest beginnings as a Montreal fine fur and jewelry insurer in 1976, the Optimum Group’s insurance branch now spans three subsidiaries, eight regional offices, hundreds of independent brokers and thousands of locations. Our policies include all manner of commercial, automobile and residential coverage that can be customized to fit your needs. Optimum Insurance believes in helping our clients with empathy, consideration and a human touch.


While the Optimum Group operates internationally, we were founded in Canada and hold Canadian values as our core beliefs. This is no more evident than across our insurance services, where our commitment to our clients guides all of our professional practices. Here is a short list of some of Optimum Insurance’s highest priority values:

  • Overall shareholder profitability;
  • Attention to detail at every level;
  • Integrated risk management;
  • Team-based expertise and innovation;
  • Recruitment of industry talent;
  • Dedication to integrity and ethics;
  • Focus on internal professional development;
  • Long-lasting relationships with satisfied clients.

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