Home Insurance: What’s Covered Under Your Policy?


Most of us know that there is a legal responsibility to insure your vehicle and that often lenders will require you to insure a property under mortgage. Most prudent homeowners invest in some form of insurance as well, but they may not always know what is covered. Being unfamiliar with your policy may create a false sense of security, so always go over it with your preferred insurance professional. For a quick introduction to these issues, continue reading our crash course below!

What is included?

The list below is a summary of what is typically included in basic home insurance coverage. For a full assessment, contact a Capital Insurance broker today!

What is not included?

The following are examples of items that would not usually be covered under a home insurer’s standard policy. Extra coverage is widely available– if you think you need protection, get in touch with the friendly insurance professionals here at Capital.

  • Damage due to negligence;
  • Liabilities incurred by “high risk” conditions;
  • Unlikely catastrophes such as falling objects or abrupt collapse;
  • Comprehensive glass coverage/replacement;
  • Extremely valuable or rare belongings

As you can see, a basic insurance policy is meant to protect the average property owner in most cases. Of course there is a chance your property falls into a category that requires specialty or extra coverage. Are you unsure about just what parts of your property are protected? Do you think your property or belongings qualify for an expanded insurance policy? Contact or visit Capital today!