FIRST STEPS: Making a Home Insurance Claim


Insurance is put in place to protect you if the worst happens, though most insured people never want to use their policies. Unfortunately losses will occur and you may have to file a formal claim with your insurance company. This can be overwhelming, especially if you are dealing with the real life consequences of whatever caused your loss. Capital Insurance has you covered! Read the first steps of making a home insurance claim below and you will be more prepared in an emergency.

#1: Document the reason for the claim.

Flood, theft, fire, wind– there are countless reasons you may be forced to make a claim against your home insurance policy. Once you discover the damage or loss, take pictures and make notes of everything that is relevant. This evidence can make it much easier to process your claim and doing it immediately will prevent confusion. The documentation process can be stressful when the incident has just happened, but staying calm and carrying through can prevent future complications.

#2: Make contact & make your claim.

Your next step is to get in touch with a representative from your property’s insurer– making a phone call is usually the fastest, most effective way. Inform this person of your information, your policy number and describe the nature of your loss. From here, the insurance professional should be able to walk you through the steps of making a full claim. In the case that you have to leave your property, always pass on contact information for where you will be staying and how you can be reached.

#3: Secure your property.

While insurance will often pay for any and all damage to the property, you may be responsible for time-sensitive or emergency repairs at the time of the incident. Do not leave your belongings exposed to the elements or untrustworthy individuals! Secure all valuables and make sure your property is safe or at least under supervision. Emergencies cause tension, but do not let it distract you from the most important thing: the safety of you, your property and its residents.

#4: Organize your files.

If you have an insurance policy, you know that there is a lot of paperwork in just setting one up. You can imagine that there is even more when you have to make a claim! Insurance companies and brokers want to make it easy on their policyholders, but unfortunately there does need to be hard copies of the relevant documents. Always preserve copies of your policies, notes about your claim and any receipts incurred because of the loss. Keep your organized and filed paperwork easily accessible– having them handy means there will be no delays on your end.

The above steps are only an outline of the insurance claims process. If you are an insured property owner, contact or visit Capital Insurance for professional answers to even the most casual questions. Our friendly staff is standing by now!