Your Garage: Is It Part of Your Home Insurance?

Garage & Home Insurance Edmonton

As a homeowner or renter, you have purchased insurance in order to protect your most valued possessions. You know the items inside the home are covered, but what about those items you store in the garage? From lawn tools to vehicles to furniture and even holiday valuables, now is the time to review your home insurance in Edmonton to make sure you are covered.

Home and Renter’s Insurance Does Cover It

You are in luck! Your home or renter’s insurance policy in Edmonton does cover the garage and items inside this extension of your home. Traditional home insurance policies also cover other structures, such as a shed. However, you will want to review your current policy to make sure other structures are included in your coverage. The insurance policy you have in place will offer coverage for the damage or loss of items inside the home and garage. Detached garages, however, have their own limits; therefore, it is important to review your home insurance policy to exactly what is covered and what’s not.


Tips for Keeping Your Garage (and Valuables) Safe

Whether you own the home or you are renting, here are five tips for enhancing garage safety:


  1. Keep the garage doors closed and locked. Your garage door should never be left open, even if someone is home. If you have an electric or motor-driven garage door, it will lock in place. If your door is manual, use a secure lock on the door. If your garage leads into the house, have a higher security lock on that connecting door.
  2. Never leave your remote to the garage in plain view. When you park your vehicle, keep your doors locked. More importantly, do not leave your garage door remote in plain view. All it takes is breaking into your vehicle and taking the remote to gain access to your items (and possibly, the inside of your home).
  3. Cover garage windows. Prevent people from looking inside and seeing what you have stored by using garage window covers. You can use plastic film that still lets adequate light in, but prevents trespassers from looking into the garage.
  4. Have good exterior lighting. Burglars are less likely to break into a garage when there is plenty of exterior lighting illuminating the area as it makes their crime easily visible. Install lighting, even if it is activated by motion sensors, for added security.
  5. Use a high quality garage door. Cheap garage doors are easy to break into. Use a solid core or insulated door that is designed to prevent break-ins. Also, use a garage door opener that is manufactured after 1993 – these feature built-in rolling code technology to prevent transmitter programming.


To make sure your home or rental unit is adequately covered, contact Capital Insurance Brokers to explore your options for home or tenant insurance in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Our team offers you a no-obligation home insurance quote and we will also look for discounts so that you get the best possible rate. Call us at 780-476-1600 or request a quote online.