TOY STORY: Insuring Your Recreational or Leisure Vehicles


When summer hits, Albertans love to explore the outdoors in any way they can, especially with recreational or leisure vehicles on two wheels to dozens (or even none at all). The colder months are no exception! Canada is one of the preeminent destinations for winter motorsports in all of the world. While these “toys” are belongings, many owners are unsure just how they would be protected if impacted by thieves or vandals. Keep reading for Capital Insurance’s guide to insuring your recreational or leisure vehicles.

What is a ‘recreational vehicle’?

“Recreational” is a broad umbrella term used to define a variety of vehicles that may not be street legal and are also primarily used for leisure, rather than transportation. While some may use the shortening for recreational vehicle (“RV”) interchangeably with motorhomes, it fails to capture the true scope of what belongs to this category.

Some examples are: boats and other watercraft; all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) such as quads, bikes or trikes; motorhomes and campers; dune buggies or go-carts; and one of the most popular here in Alberta- snowmobiles! Also, the associated trailers for these items typically fall under the same rules.

Are recreational vehicles covered under home insurance?

Unfortunately, no– most recreational vehicles are considered a special exception to a standard home insurance. Consider that theft or harm to your automobile would only be partially covered under a home policy, meaning you would make the claim against your vehicle insurance. So: if you do not have extended coverage for your favourite water or motorsport “toys,” you may be left financially responsible if they are stolen or damaged. Motorhomes are covered by their own policy, much like other roadsafe, personal vehicles.

How can I protect my investment in one or more recreational vehicles?

It’s simple: call your insurance broker! As with all insurance policies, make sure to shop around for the best value for your dollar. Choose the coverage that best meets your needs and avoid unnecessary features, as they may incur hidden costs. If you store your recreational vehicles at a non-primary residence (cabins or lake-lots, for example) there may be special discounts for bundling their insurance policies together.

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