Does having someone clean my property affect my insurance?


There are no shortage of reasons for why you might avoid hiring someone to clean your property, cost being the most prominent. Once you have reached a point where you need or can afford professional cleaning, you may feel the urge to jump in without much research. Unfortunately this is where most property owners step into pitfalls that they did not know were there, financial and otherwise. If you employ or plan to employ cleaners, read Capital Insurance Brokers’ guide to how it could impact your property’s premium and policy.

Injury Liability

If anyone is injured on your property, you are liable for the financial consequences. This is why most insurance plans have clauses that account for this eventuality. If your chosen third-party cleaner is uninsured and is injured on the job, your property and its policy will be financially liable. Should you wish to avoid this, it would be best to only employ insured professionals.

Damages & Theft

Another consequence of hiring uninsured cleaners means that if theft occurs under their watch or if they are responsible for damage, the burden of proving it is on the property owner. Whether by accident or on purpose, damages that affect your property will have to be paid for out of pocket or by meeting your own policy’s deductible.

Other Risks

The above problems are most common with independent contractors, but there are dangers when employing cleaners from large firms, franchises or corporations. They may have the insurance and licenses necessary to protect you, your property and your belongings, but more than one person may need to enter your home, adding increased risk. Also, high turnover in the industry means quality of work may vary and your property may be at risk to damage due to unfamiliarity with its specific needs.

If you are concerned about how your chosen cleaning service may impact your property’s insurance policy, contact or visit Capital Insurance today! Our experts are happy to answer any question or concern you may have.