Figuring Out If You Need Rental Car Insurance

Rental Car Insurance Edmonton

Whether or not you need to buy rental car insurance in Edmonton can be tricky to figure out. Some people have it and don’t know it, while others don’t have adequate coverage but are under the impression that they do. The vehicle insurance brokers at Edmonton’s Capital Insurance Brokers advise our clients to always be aware of what level of coverage they need and what they have already.


There are many instances in which you may already have rental car insurance even though you never bought a separate rental car policy. It is important to do your homework and know what you have or you may end up spending unnecessarily at the rental car counter.


Rental car insurance in Edmonton is often included under a regular car insurance policy. Many credit cards also offer rental car insurance as part of their travel benefits, and your travel insurance may include some rental car coverage as well. Taken together, all of these different sources may be enough to adequately cover your rental car.


While it sounds like you should be good to go ahead without buying extra rental car insurance in many instances, there are still numerous circumstances where your benefits may not be enough or may even be non-existent. For example, if you don’t drive a car at home then you won’t already have car insurance, or, if you do drive but only have a bare-bones policy, then it likely won’t give you all of the coverage you need on your rental car.


You should also keep in mind that travelling for business may be seen by many policies and benefits as separate from travelling from pleasure. If your company won’t pay for rental car insurance, you should look into it yourself. Your policies and benefits likewise may not extent to renting a vehicle in another country. Be aware that many popular travel destinations, such as Italy and Australia, are often excluded.


Finally, if you’re moving and have to rent a truck or a moving van, your existing car insurance and credit card benefits may not count. Though you likely won’t be renting the vehicle for long, you should still protect yourself should it become damaged or in need of towing.


Comprehensive rental car insurance is crucial to have while traveling or renting a vehicle for other purposes, and at Capital Insurance Brokers we can make sure that you are well covered before you drive. Ask us about what kind of rental care coverage we can offer you under our Edmonton car insurance policies, or about purchasing a separate rental vehicle policy.


Capital Insurance Brokers has been providing home insurance and automobile insurance in Edmonton for over 10 years, and we are confident that our competitive rates and coverage will enable us to keep doing so for a long time to come.


To find out more about rental car insurance and if it’s a good choice for you, don’t wait to get in touch with one of our Edmonton vehicle insurance brokers.