Are Your Winter Driving Habits Up to Par?


When the first snow and ice hit the roads, a majority of drivers tend to forget proper winter driving technique, even if they have been driving in the winter weather for years. Everyone is out of practice by the end of summer, but knowing how to drive properly in dangerous conditions and while sharing the road with school buses is important.

A Few Tips to Refresh Your Winter Driving

You can avoid accidents and unnecessary hikes in your vehicle insurance premiums this year just by taking a quick refresher. Some things to keep in mind while you venture out on the roads this winter include:

  • Remember the rules regarding school zones. School zones do not flash lights for no reason; they are indicating that children are present. Remember to slow to the posted speed, yield to pedestrians and give school buses the right of way.
  • Be courteous to other drivers. Whether you are rushing to drop the kids off or heading to your office meeting, there is no need to cut off other drivers, double-park while dropping off the kids or blast the horn every time another driver does something you do not agree with. Most importantly, when the roads become slick and wet with ice and snow, give yourself a little extra time to get to your final destination.
  • Drive well-rested. Snow and fatigue do not mix. If you are tired, do not drive. Get the proper amount of rest before you try to take on driving in winter weather conditions.
  • Be prepared for the winter weather. Have you prepared your vehicle for winter? If not, now is the time – especially if your car may be equipped with older parts. Make sure your tires are inflated, and while you are at it, put on some winter tires or at least opt for all-season tires with adequate tread. Keep your gas tank half full to avoid any freeze-ups in the gas lines and change out your fluids for winter-ready grades.
  • Drive with caution. When the roads are covered in snow, slow down. Give yourself extra room between your vehicle and the one in front of you as well. When turning or stopping, do so early not only to ensure you do not lose control, but so that drivers behind you have time to react.

Verify that Your Automobile Insurance is Equally Prepared

If you have not reviewed your auto insurance policy in a long time, now is the best time to do so before winter hits. Make sure your policy’s coverage is adequate and ready for the winter roads.

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